About Us

 Corporate Gourmet Artisan Gifts

Chef Graciela Schargorodsky, owner of Dulce Caramel Co., was born and raised in Argentina, in a small city next to the Andes mountains called Catamarca. Famous all over South America for its sweets and preserves, as well as for its “paila de cobre” or copper pot, its artisans have been preparing jams and confections the traditional way for hundreds of years.

After completing her studies at University of Cordoba, with degrees in Translation, Interpretation and in English Literature and Education, Graciela started a successful after school language program, where she taught to over a hundred middle school children. A few years later, after moving to America with her young family, Graciela felt the need to recreate many of the flavors she grew up with in her home country.  On her trips back to Argentina to visit her family, Graciela took confectionary classes, where she became well acquainted with authentic recipes and techniques, learning the art of Alfajor and Dulce de Leche making. To further her understanding of the science and art of pastry, Graciela became a Pastry Chef at the prestigious French Pastry School of Chicago.  After graduating, she attended a seminar by famous French confectioner Christine Ferber, where Graciela learned invaluable tricks on jam and preserves preparation.

After extensive research and product development, Graciela launched Dulce Caramel Co., an artisanal confectionary venture specializing in authentic Argentinean Alfajores and Dulce de Leche products using only traditional methods of elaboration.

As artisans, we make, dip and wrap every Alfajor by hand and with great care. We make them in small batches using only premium ingredients, such as French butter, fresh eggs, pure Madagascar vanilla, and some of the world’s best couverture chocolates, such as Guittard, Valhrona and Cacao Barry. Dulce Caramel Co.’s handcrafted products do not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives. At Dulce Caramel Co., we strive to deliver a true balance of flavors, textures and presentation in every Alfajor we make, resulting in a uniquely delicious treat.