Meringue Dulce de Leche Alfajor
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Meringue Dulce de Leche Alfajor x12

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Delicate, unique confection, composed of two thin buttery sablé (shortbread like) cookies with a smooth yet rich Dulce de Leche interior. This Meringue Alfajor is covered in a crunchy sugary shell of sumptuous meringue, resulting in a perfect contrast of textures.

As artisans, we make, dip and wrap every Alfajor by hand, and with great care. We make them in small batches using only premium ingredients, such as French butter, fresh eggs and pure Madagascar vanilla. Dulce Caramel Co.’s handcrafted products do not contain artificial ingredients or preservatives.

 We strive to deliver a true balance of flavors, textures and presentation in every Alfajor we make, resulting in a uniquely delicious treat, perfect for a gift, to celebrate a joyous occasion or for an indulgent treat, to enjoy with an afternoon tea or at any time.

 This gorgeous gift box contains 12 individually wrapped Meringue Alfajores, and it is presented to you with a burgundy wax seal and hand tied raffia knot.

 For best taste and texture do not store in a refrigerator.